Whitecube Industries UHPC is a free-flowing, low shrinking, ultra high performance concrete (UHPC), consisting of special cements, additives and selected aggregates. Once mixed the result is a very dense, homogenous mix which has very high cohesive strength.

Field of application

UHPC is suitable for casting precise models for architectural and structural elements. It is specially developed to provide high preliminary and final strength.

For external and internal use:

  1. Wall panels (internal and external)
  2. Tiles (walls and floors)
  3. Cladding and façades
  4. Concrete timber formed planks (walls and floors, internal & external)
  5. Countertops
  6. Landscaping designs and furniture
  7. Wall panels
  8. Architectural furniture and objects

Features and benefits

UHPC develops a very high preliminary strength (8 hours: min 15 N/mm2 or 150 kg/cm2). The final strength exceeds the strength of traditional cement-based materials. UHPC has a high wear resistance and improved impermeability to water vapour, chloride and other corrosive elements. UHPC has a high impact resistance, which can be further improved by incorporating fibres.

Health and safety

Whitecube is non-toxic and safe to use.

Technical Data


COLOUR Soft chalky white/grey colour

CONSISTENCY Free flowing

THICKNESS 6 mm-200 mm


24 HOURS 20-35 N/mm2

28 days 100-140 N/mm2


24 HOURS 5-8 N/mm2

28 DAYS 18-26 N/mm2

DENSITY 2100-2300 kg/m3

Direct Tensile Strength 28 days 9 -10 MPa

Resistant Temperature -70°C to +80 °C